NOVA: Why Trains Crash   Dir:  Larry Klein

NOVA: Making Stuff: Safer   Dir:  Gail Willumsen    Prod: Jill Shinefield

Portfolio   Dir: Richard Samuels, Port of Los Angeles  

NOVA: Ultimate Mars Challenge   Dir:  Gail Willumsen    Prod: Jill Shinefield

NOVA: Saved by the Sun  Dir: Steven Latham, PBS

NOVA: scienceNOW “Asteroid”   Dir: Julia Cort, PBS

Shelter Me (additional camera)   Dir: Steven Latham, PBS

Fuel (additional camera)   Dir: Josh Tickell

Black Sky: The Race for Space   Dir:  Gail Willumsen    Prod: Jill Shinefield

Black Sky: Winning the X Prize   Dir:  Gail Willumsen    Prod: Jill Shine

Where's the Party?   Dir: David Lasdon  

The Magical World of Chuck Jones   Dir: George Daugherty, Warner Bros.

Thank God They're Dead   The Learning Channel

Junkyard Wars   The Learning Channel

From Russia to Hollywood  (feature)   Dir: Frederick Keeve

Sworn to Secrecy   The History Channel

The Anti-Gravity Room   The Sci-Fi Channel

Survivors of the Holocaust   Steven Spielberg’s Visual History Foundation (winner of 2 Emmys)

 Roots in the Sand   Hart Films/PBS

4th Annual JMP Jazz & Blues Festival   LA Cityview 35

The Gift of Literacy   Dir: Paul Rogers, LA Cityview 35

Trading Dirt   Dir: Paul Rogers, L.A. Cityview 35

Semester at Sea: Fall 2001   University of Pittsburg   (director/cameraman)

{Additional PBS Documentaries:


          *    Secret Intelligence

          *    The Spy Machines  

          *    Battle of the X Planes   

          *    The Killing Machines  

          *    Poisoned Winds of War    

          *    The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?

Baseball, Dennis and the French   (featuring Dennis Prager)    Dir: Paul Croshaw

Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide)   Dir: David Pryor    Prod: David Winters

Panama, la caída de un dictador   Dir: Jorge Cano

The Follower   Dir: Carl Clay

Ironman (starring Bernard Fox)   Dir: Douglas Kennett

New York Nights (camera operator)   Dir: Simon Nuchtern    DP: Dennis Lewiston, B.S.C

No Man's Land: The Rise of the Reeker   (camera operator)    Dir: David Payne    DP: Mike Mikens

Cadillac City  Directed and Produced by Fred Keeve

L.A. Harmony   starring Jeremy London   Dir: Todd Bendera    Prod: Sierra Gunn

The Substitute for Love, BET   Dir: David De Leon    Prod: Denise Sealy 

The Thistle Hotel   Dir: Martha Wheelock

Rabbit   Dir: Keith Fialcowitz

F*** Me Shoes   Writer/director: Bill Light

Arianna Huffington’s  “GPS For The Soul”   Dir:  Talia Mirebelli

Pawn Zone  Poor Coco”    Dir: Peter Bonilla    Prod:  Dwayne Ladd

Malibu Kayaks   Dir: Dwayne Ladd

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Jyve V    *    New Kids on the Block    *    Vesta    *   The Barkays    *    Steel Pulse

Peabody Awards for

Black Sky: The Race for Space 

and for The Spy Machines

Two National Emmy Awards for

Survivors of the Holocaust

Emmy Award for

Emergency Preparedness PSA

NATOA Award (1st place) for

Fourth Annual JMP Jazz & Blues Festival

CINE Golden Eagle for

Problems of Conservation: Acid Rain

Special Venus Award, Houston International Film Festival for

Girl from India

Paul Robeson Award for Excellence in Independent Filmmaking for

The Follower 







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