Unsolicited Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

"I could not have asked for a better collaborator on the Cadillac City short film. You consistently went "above and beyond" with many creative and technical suggestions that added so much to the visual palette of the film. I learned so much from your visual and lighting expertise, and I am so grateful. " 

    Frederick Keeve, writer / director

"You exemplified professionalism, expertise, and patience beyond-the-call. 

I learned a lot from you and would hire you again in a heartbeat. A special thanks.”

    Bill Light, writer / director 

" I want to thank you for recommending Peter Bonilla. We had a great shoot, and in large part this was due to Peter's professionalism and his artistic sense. He is more than a good cameraman, and he cares very much about his work. I hope I'll have a chance to work with him again."

      Lincoln Mayorga, pianist, conductor, composer

"I truly enjoyed working with you on this show. I would like to have you on all my shows. Your work is among the best. Thanks again."

      George Sylva, Quantum Television

"Thank you for your generous contribution of energy, talent and sensitivity. It was a director's dream to find you, and to be able to trust and know that visions are being shared and translated. What a surprise to find another whose sensitivity, insights and instincts about art were trustworthy. I so enjoyed working with you and feeling in tune."

      Martha Wheelock, Ishtar Films

"Your work on this production was nothing short of wonderful: you were efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. You really rendered services above and beyond the call of duty, and we are very grateful."

      Gyl Elliott, Cynthia Boles, & Taffy Patton, City of Los Angeles

Thank you, Peter.  As always, great work.  I always enjoy working with you.  Will let you know as soon as we schedule more shoot days.”

     Steven Latham, Steven Latham Productions

"...It is our pleasure to let you know that the documentary won two of its three Emmy nominations! Your work for the Foundation is reflected in this documentary, and you have our heartfelt thanks for your contribution. Your commitment to this project is tremendously appreciated."

      James Moll & June Beallor, Visual History Foundation

"...Your shots are great! The editor was totally amazed when he heard how little we had shot; but then when he saw how much of it was usable, he couldn't believe it!... If I should ever come back to the USA to make another film, you'd be my only choice of cameraman..."

      Regina Gotze, Tangram Filmproduktion, Munich

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how very impressed I was with your work. You and I seemed to work quite well together and you always made me feel secure and comfortable that we would get the shots I was looking for. Your work ethics are impeccable and I truly hope to have the opportunity to work together again. We are also two people who tend to not get flustered and fix problems in a positive way and it was a total pleasure. Thank you and all the best."

      Chip Chalmers, director

Peter Bonilla


Los Angeles,  CA

Phone:  (323) 819-2348

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